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We bear in mind your requirements for a safe and enjoyable student trip, and our staff’s expertise guarantees a successful journey - Where better than Greece not only for education but also for leisure?

Discover Greece...


Greece is a fantastic choice for everyone.

Step back in time and visit the roots of Europe’s civilization, the cradle of democracy.

Climb up Acropolis to enjoy views over Athens and witness the magic for yourself, particularly the Parthenon. Explore the ruins and consider what life was like in the bustling Ancient Agora.

Visit one of the world’s most important archaeological museums and assess how exquisite sculptures were integrated into the ancient urban landscape.

Observe the monuments of Athens, Delphi and the Peloponnese. Consider how the evolution of Greek architectural style has dominated architectural design ever since.

Visit Delphi, site of the Oracle of Apollo, a place of spiritual significance for ancient Greeks who consider it to be the center of the universe.

Explore the Peloponnese, the region of mythology and heroes, legends and kings, palaces and fortresses, kingdoms and empires.  

Explore the Mycenaean civilization where the overwhelming Lion Gate guards the ruins of the Mycenaean Acropolis, one of most significant cities in Ancient Greece.  

Take a tour of ancient Corinth, an important city in Antiquity, and witness the extraordinary engineering mechanisms.

Feel the Olympic spirit of ancient Greece at the site where the Olympic Games originated .

Book a seat at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, and experience how the ancient Greeks enjoyed theatre.

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