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Disconnect and enjoy the Mediterranean


A retreat in Greece makes for an incomparable combination of your inner harmony and the natural beauty of this amazing country.

This is a great chance to de-stress your mind and awaken your senses.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than completely disconnecting yourself from the everyday routine and taking time for yourself.

We plan the best retreats in Greece for visitors who wish to recharge their batteries, whether by doing yoga, enjoying a deep-tissue massage or simply meditating. Sea, sun, sand, natural herbs and thermal springs ─ the Greek recipe to relieve stress. You are here to comprehend the truth of the saying of the ancients, “A healthy mind is a healthy body.”

The ancient Greeks knew very well the importance of the balance between mind and body, and they knew how to utilize the country’s bountiful natural resources to enhance health and happiness. Amongst these are the numerous hot mineral springs with healing waters  that soothe chronic complaints, which can be found all over Greece.

The natural setting near the sea works its wonders, too. In the ultra-comfortable facilities of the wellness resorts and high-end spa hotels,  pamper yourself with exclusive therapies. Rejuvenate yourself by joining in activities – yoga, breathwork, scuba diving, biking and trekking. Thus, you’ll discover the ingredients of a long and healthy life: serenity, harmony and the famous Greek diet of pure, health-enhancing products.

There are several amazing destinations in Greece where you can take yoga classes and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature.

Organized travel packages offer high standard accommodation and daily yoga courses by qualified, experienced teachers. Most of them include healthy nutritious meals, visits to the villages and the most interesting sites of the area. Both beginner  and advanced courses are available with a duration of one to four weeks.

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Disconnect and enjoy the Mediterranean

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