• Georgia Ioannou

Travelling is our time to escape the mundane.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

There are a few things travelers love more than good food and great adventures. Travelling is our time to escape the mundane. But, usually its during breaks and vacations, and so while we want to experience a lot, we also want to rest. Well, that is while we try to fit everything a city or a country has to offer in a couple of days. Getting caught up in the atmosphere and the moment and we end up stretching ourselves too thin. The Acropolis in the morning, to witness the vibrant street performers and market stalls; the temple of Poseidon in the afternoon, to watch one of the most phenomenal sunsets. The theatre of Epidaurus in the morning and then off to an island from the Port in Piraeus. Day in and day out activities planned everywhere, only there is a more efficient way of doing this. One that does not require driving around Greece all day. Choosing things to do based on location will help create a more relaxed and fulfilling trip. But it’s not just about what you do, it’s also about what you pay.

Many travelers fear that they will pay high prices, or end up eating in restaurants which definitely were not worth their money. We have all made those mistakes. When we go back, we will know better the next time… only we won’t go back. Instead we will choose a new and exciting place to go. We want to make sure you get it right the first time. We liked to ensure that no matter what, you felt that every euro counted for something. For your very own, unique experience.

I am not one for bungee jumping in the Isthmus of Corinth, but I could spend hours in a museum. Travel agencies offer package trips forgetting that they are offering a service. Forgetting to create something memorable, something different just for you. Our experience should not be the same and this is what IGM Tour offers. The opportunity for you to choose what you desire and then have someone else figure out the nitty gritty. That is true value for money. If you are used to planning everything on your own, stress no more. Tell us what you want and will all ensure that we find the best Greece can offer.