• Eleonore De Bellaing

Tailor made experience - Customer testimonials

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Date visited : June 2018

Places : #athens #akropolis #monastiraki #sounio #cyclades #paros

Activities : #sightseeing #extremesports #scubadiving #watersports #waterskiing #walks #greekcuisine #food


Greece had been our dream destination for so long, that when the time finally came to book the trip, I felt anxious. I could never create a vacation as ideal as it had been in our imagination. Thanks to IGM tour it ended up being more than I could have hoped for and certainly more than what I could have put together on my own.

My partner and I can be considered a bit of a weird mix, he loves extreme sports while I prefer walking around a town and getting a feel for it. It was important that on this trip we both got our way. We spent a couple of days in Athens, we walked around the city centre, ate in a wonderful little terrace restaurant in Monastiraki and visited some of the archaeological sites. My partner was happy with all of this because he knew what we had planned also involved his interests. The day we spent in Sounio we took a small private rib boat and went to Oria for scuba diving. On one of our previous vacations we got scuba diving certifications and I can honestly say it was worth it. No matter where we travel to, we always manage to find some cool diving spots. To top it all off the sunset at Sounio was magnificent and definitely the perfect end to our day.

After that we went island hopping around the Cyclades. I can’t describe how many different water sports and activities we tried. On one of our first days on Paros my husband tried water skiing. Ever since that moment every free minute he had he spent on skis. This gave me the freedom to further explore the towns, while at the same time knowing that we were both enjoying ourselves. It was also nice that when this new love of his arose, IGM was very quick at finding all the best spots, instructors and ways for him to continue pursuing it throughout our trip. It was good to know that they were there for us, to fulfil our wishes and it wasn’t a package deal that anyone could have bought.

One of our biggest joys though was getting to try exquisite cuisine in the best spots.

Usually, we are always on the lookout for the best places to eat, but this time it was easy. The food was something else! We thought we had tried Greek cuisine before but it does not compare to what we had on this trip. I would go back just to have some more!

This vacation will be one for the books. It was the perfect combination of activities, food, sightseeing and luxury. A completely perfect and stress-free vacation! I don’t think I will ever go back to booking my own vacations again, I will leave that to the experts!