• Rebeca Hern

Out-off-the-box tour - Customer testimonials

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Date visited : May 2019

Places : #thessaloniki #MtOlympus #litochoro

Activities : #festival #biking #hiking #greekcuisine #food


My friends and I visited Thessaloniki in Greece for a multicultural festival that we were taking part in. We did not want to go to the most touristic places since we were thinking of something more intriguing… Our accompanier reviewed all our needs and came up with the best program. We had a bike tour around the city and the coastal area and our guide was so informative that we felt as if we were actually living in the city and knew every little detail. However, the surprises did not end there. Considering the fact that we were all lovers of hiking, he managed to organize a full-day excursion to Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece where, according to mythology, the ancient gods resided. We experienced an inner peace when viewing the flourishing landscape of the mountain and its little waterfalls. Our guide planned everything down to the last detail, even our food, as we picnicked on the trail. In the afternoon we stopped for a coffee at Litochoro, a charming mountain village, and then returned to base. To sum up, our trip surpassed our expectations and fulfilled every possible demand thanks to the great coordination of our accompanier. Therefore, don’t hesitate to plan your trip with IGM Tours.