About us

Message from the CEO


Having been fortunate enough to travel extensively has made me a travel enthusiast. 

This passion inspired me to create individualized travel experiences to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction.

​Initial bonds with the Tourist industry date back to my childhood, as my parents ran a successful family business in Cyprus. Since 2003 both my studies and my work have been in the Tourist Industry working in both Greece and Cyprus.

​At IGM we guarantee professionalism, passion and innovative ideas for every project that we undertake.

Georgia Ioannou, CEO/Founder


About IGM

Our Company

IGM TOUR is a luxury tailor-made travel company that offers high quality concierge services for individuals and corporate clients in Greece and Cyprus.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of hospitality so we are determined to make your stay a memorable one.


We plan our trips around our client’s personalities, interests and needs not around an off-the-shelf tour.


Moreover, we have formed a vast network with local travel suppliers which means that an entire team is at your disposal and eager to satisfy your needs.


We take pride in our professionalism and expertise. We are ready to overcome any obstacle that may arise so as to guarantee the success and safety of your trip.

Our Philosophy

As a luxury tailor made concierge company, IGM TOUR takes pride in providing the finest, top quality amenities for private and corporate clients who can benefit from the exclusive services.

We believe in partnerships that are built upon responsibility, professionalism and respect. We are thrilled to partner with those who share the same core values of consistency, loyalty, integrity, kindness and creativity.

Furthermore, we know all the pros and cons of all legal, social and cultural aspects of travelling and we provide our clients with VIP support 24/7.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design unique and authentic journeys throughout Greece & Cyprus, offering incomparable service and opportunities for exploration and recreation.

Having experienced how overwhelming the details of travel can be, we decided to use and build a service that can cater for the most demanding expectations and appetites.

We plan and adjust each trip around our client’s preferences taking into consideration every detail and from there we create an unforgettable experience.

Browse our tailor-made services and learn more about IGM Tours.

  A few words about us  

Tell us your vision and we ‘ll ensure you get more than you could ever hope for.




doing something with soul, creativity, love & commitment




strong overwhelming emotion;  passion

With our “meraki” and “pathos”, you ‘ll get the best of famous Greek "philoxenia"




the generosity and courtesy shown to those far from home; hospitality

Book your travel through IGM Tour and open the door to a world full of experiences.

Let our team of expert advisors use their knowledge of the industry and wide network of contacts and offer you a memorable journey!